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Dorrenhaus is the leading manufacturer of concealed door closers. We have been constantly working and bringing new ideas and tech to ensure the quality and to maintain our position on the top. Our team of highly trained professionals design the architecture and mechanism of these door closers to make them suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, shops and houses alike. We have the best options available for concealed door closers which are well liked by our customers such as:

>  Concealed Hidden Sliding Arm Door Closer

>  Concealed Auto Sliding Overhead Door Closer

Dorrenhaus is enjoying credibility and thriving on its success as the favorite door closer manufacturer in the world. We keep up with the latest advancements in technology as well as we stay up to date with the trends. Our testing unit is working to give you the best possible product in the market for domestic and commercial use. This helps us to assure the quality of our service. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, which is why our concealed door closers are well reputed in the industry. We use the premium quality raw material which is why our door closers have durability even after years and years of use.